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We are an Amazon retailer focused on bringing the brick-and-mortar level of customer service to online shoppers.


Meet the team driving growth for our partner brands' vision and values. Here at Zoplenti, we're guided by the deep belief that our best work is born from humility, hunger, and intelligence.


Steven Hollander

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

I’ll talk your ears off about all things health, longevity, and fitness related when not behind my computer building our future.


Jennifer Hollander

Chief Operations Officer

If I'm not working on developing our business teams, you can probably find me upside down doing handstands in the gym. Sometimes during meetings, too.


Matthew Carrano

Chief Technology Engineer

I build scalable technologies by day, and piano harmonies by night.


Sean McPherson

Director, Strategy

Growing brands on Amazon is something I take great pride in and believe the main ingredient for success is perseverance.


Frank Ciraci

Director, Partnerships

If there is a way we can win on Amazon together, I'll find it. But don't ask me about Roman history, or I'll never stop talking!


Joanna Sakatzoglou

Director, Operations

I am an organizational wizard both in personal and professional life! When I am not maintaining meticulous order at Zoplenti, you'll find me exploring nature's wonders on long hikes with my dog!"

Taiwo Adebisi

Taiwo Adebisi

Director, Backend Development

My idea of heaven on earth is a day on the beach and watching the sunset with loved ones.


We sell a wide range of products, ranging from supplements to musical instruments, and more. And our line-up is always expanding.

We’ve been active since 2016. Our corporate offices are based out of Tampa, Florida, with our warehouse located in Londonderry, New Hampshire.

We are ranked among the top Amazon sellers with a flawless 100% positive rating from customers. And we’re very, very proud of it.

We’re a family-run business, headed by a brother & sister team. With a long family history in retail, business is in our bones.


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