The right online retail partner can be your brand's unfair advantage

Did you know that over 50% of sales across the board start on Amazon?


It’s not just online sales: your brand’s presence on Amazon impacts your overall retail
market share, because sales start online.

According to Bloomberg, over 50% of all sales start with an online search, specifically on Amazon.  It makes sense: most people, even if they shop in their trusted brick-and-mortar retailer, will look up a product online first. They’ll check out the reviews, and read the description to get more information. 

Amazon serves as a general catalog for products too, other than as a marketplace. In fact, 75% of shoppers use it to discover new brands. This means that your product should be there, and your position on the website should be flawless — or it can damage the perception consumers have of your brand.

If your product has poor reviews caused by sloppy sellers, or if customers can’t find it, or even if the product page is poorly written and uninformative… that creates a ripple effect and hurts your sales everywhere.

OK, but why do I need a partner?

When it comes to Amazon, you have three choices. You can work with a partner like Zoplenti, you can do it yourself, or sell directly to Amazon.


Sell directly to Amazon

When you sell to Amazon directly, you are at their mercy.

Amazon doesn’t respect MAP policies and will match the lowest price they find, no matter where it’s from. Their terms can be pretty bad, with large discounts and long payment terms.

Plus, they have no incentives to maximize your brand’s sales against your competition.

You’re just one of many.


Handle it yourself

Online business is hard. Handling it in-house means you have to reroute resources from your core focus: building great products for your customers.

You’re forced to become an expert in a completely new field, with all the costs and mistakes that come with entering a new space.

You get bigger margins, sure. But you pay for that in upfront costs and lower sales volume

And it’s all on you.


Sell with Zoplenti

With the right partner, you get all the benefits of doing it yourself, without having to devote capital and time to develop the right knowledge and skills in-house. If you have a partner you can trust, it’s really a no-brainer.

For over 50 market leading brands, Zoplenti is that partner.


What does a partner you can trust look like?

Zoplenti continues to be a great retailer for us. Your team is great at communicating and providing us the necessary information so we can ship your orders quickly and efficiently. We appreciate all you do for us and our brand on the different outlets you sell on.

J.C Lay

Sales, Heater Sports