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Your brand is your most important asset. From complying to MAP and brand guidelines to building a world-class customer experience, we actively help protect our partner’s brands.

How Bad Sellers Damage Your Brand

How Bad Sellers

Damage Your Brand

It’s hard to overstate the damage your brand can take from bad online sellers.

MAP violations cause price erosion in a

vicious cycle.

Sellers using automated pricing software start a race to the bottom with each other to get a larger share of sales. Your brick and mortar partners complain of lost sales due to cheaper online prices.

Low-quality sellers damage your customer


Bad customer service, incorrect quality control and faulty fulfillment strategy cause damage to your reputation by providing terrible customer experiences and creating bad online chatter.

How Zoplenti Helps

You Fix It

At Zoplenti we take our partners’ brands as seriously as if they were our own. Our success, after all, depends on yours.

Limit authorized retailers to dedicated


Protecting your brand image requires you control who is selling your products, avoiding bad actors with their bad customer service and product fulfillment. You can learn more about limiting your authorized sellers here.

We deploy strategies for a top-notch

customer experience.

Proven flows, customized to your brand's needs: automated email follow ups, addressing negative reviews, fast reply to Amazon messages and questions. And of course, dedicated email and phone customer service.

How Bad Sellers Damage Your Brand

MAP Compliance

MAP compliance is one of our partner’s main concerns. That’s why we have formed a strategic alliance with a top 150 law firm, specialized in increasing MAP compliance and removing unauthorized sellers.

Their unique strategy is outlined in a free ebook you can get below.

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MAP Compliance And Protect Brand Value

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