Woolite Dark Care Laundry Detergent, Midnight Breeze Scent, 50 oz/ 33 Loads *Packaging May Vary*

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Specialized in Caring for Black & Dark Clothes

Advanced Garment Care

Woolite Darks cares as much as it cleans the black and dark clothes you love with three dark caring ingredients. It smooths rough fibers, removes pilling and revives colors.

No Fading*

Protects dark colors by collecting loose color particles from water and preventing bleeding accidents; Removes metal ions that causes color change and therefore prevents fading.

*Woolite won’t cause fading

No Stretching*

Smooths roughened fibers of the clothes reversing the aging process, so your clothes look re-vitalized and their texture & shape are protected.

*Woolite won’t cause stretching

No Shrinking*

It can be disappointing that no matter how carefully clothes are washed in the machine, they still may shrink. Woolite Darks helps maintain the shape of the clothes you love.

Woolite won’t cause shrinking

How to Use Woolite Darks

For the Darks

For your little black dress, black tee, jeans, dark jacket, and other dark clothes

For Hot & Cold Water

For extra care, some dark clothes require you to wash in cold water to prevent dye loss, fabric breaking and color bleeding. Woolite Darks formula is specially designed for washing dark clothes even in cold water.

For Regular & HE Washer

For Top-loaders: Fill machine with water; Pour Woolite into water; Add the garments. For Front-loaders: Pour Woolite into dispenser or drawer.

Fill Line 1 for Medium Load

Select appropriate washing cycle; Follow the garment label instructions; Wash dark clothes separately.


Prevents color transfer & fading

Smooths rough fibers, removes pilling & revives colors

Helps protect performance fabrics

Hypoallergenic & gentle on hands, skin & clothes

For Jeans & Dark Clothes

For Machine washed Delicates

For Active/Athletic Wear

For Extra Delicates like silk, wool & synthetic fabric care

For Hand Washing

Hypoallergenic Formula

0% Bleach* (*Chlorine Bleach)

  • Woolite Darks with Color Renew, smooths fibers, removes pilling and revives colors, so dark colors stay vivid & bold for longer
  • Keeps the dark clothes you love looking like new even after 30 washes
  • Does not cause fading, shrinking or stretching
  • Designed for use in both regular and high-efficiency machines
  • Ultimate protection for clothes with refreshing Midnight Breeze scent

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