UNDERCOVER Chocolate Crispy Quinoa Snack - DARK CHOCOLATE + SEA SALT - Gluten-Free, Nut-Free Bags, 2 Ounce (Pack of 16)

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It’s true… I confess… I’m the ultimate double agent… a health-conscious chocoholic! When I originally started Undercover, my goal was to make decadent chocolate-covered goodies. I quickly realized though, that what I really craved was a simple, delicious, satisfying snack. I wanted to use the same high-quality chocolate I had been using in my confections, over healthy, light, nutritious ingredients.

After two of my chocolate-obsessed daughters were diagnosed with celiac disease, I became determined to make this snackable treat gluten-free too. I experimented with every ingredient I could find — and ultimately discovered the perfect combination…

Crispy Quinoa Lightly Covered with Premium Chocolate!

Then I added some healthy, simple ingredients to create several amazing flavors and voila… Undercover was born!

As Undercover took off, my husband Michael joined me as Chairman. Together we built our own SQF-3, state-of-the-art factory which is not only allergy-friendly, but also peanut-free, tree-nut-free and gluten-free. We even have our three daughters actively involved in the business!

At Undercover, we carefully source all-natural, non-gmo ingredients and Rain Forest Alliance Certified Cocoa. We are a fast-growing woman-owned company and are committed to giving back to the community through local and regional charities.

Diana Levy

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