ProCaliber Products Dark Granite & Marble & Quartz Chip & Nick PRO Repair Kit for Countertops, Sinks, Tubs, Tile- Black Color LCA

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This easy-to-use DIY kit is designed to permanently repair small chips, nicks, scratches, gouges, cracks and holes in a variety of surfaces (countertops, spas, tile, showers and virtually any natural stone, quartz, fiberglass and acrylic surface). Easy-to-use repair kit utilizes advanced Light-Curing Acrylic (LCA) technology that cures (hardens) in seconds. Simple to use by Do-It-Yourselfer or Professional Contractor. Professional results in single application. You can perform complete, permanent, professional repairs in less than 15 minutes utilizing the amazing ProCaliber Products™ Repair Kit. Your repairs will not yellow, chip, crack, shrink or dull over time. All repairs are chemically durable, impact and shock resistant and polish-able to a high gloss. The black acrylic gel is suitable for dark color or shade of natural stone or black porcelain, ceramic or fiberglass. These repair kits are suitable for indoor or outdoor use... Kit Contains: ● 2-Gram LCA Gel Syringe | ● 2 dispensing tips | ● 2 2" curing sheets | ● 5 sheets of gel-coated sandpaper | ● PRO Aluminum LED curing light | ● 2 polish paste packets | ● 1 4-sided polish block | ● microfiber polish cloth (enough material for 10 to 15 small repairs) We recommend our ProCaliber Polish Kit for heavier scratches or for the highest possible gloss finish - For proper and complete curing, apply gel in 2.5mm (1/8") layers and cure with blue light before applying more gel.
  • PROFESSIONAL RESULTS: This repair kit is a nearly invisible chip filler for a variety of surfaces, including granite, marble and quartz, and works in a single application (5 mm layers)
  • MINIMAL DRYING TIME: Complete cure/dry time in seconds or minutes, not hours and results in a clear chip and crack repair
  • SIMPLE TO USE: The Clear Nano-Gel material is easy to apply in this DIY kit and is moldable, sandable and can be polished to high gloss
  • NON-TOXIC: This clear LCA gel repair kit is suitable for food prep areas and is not harmful to the environment, containing no VOCs
  • DURABLE: UV and Waterproof, Resistant to household cleaners, detergents, and chemicals

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