Power Probe Short/Open Circuit Finder NO Box (ECT3000B) [Car Test Tool, Electrical Circuit Tester, Short Circuit Indicator, Open Circuit Tracer]

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Product Description

• The Power Probe ECT3000, a 2-pc circuit tracer, transmits a signal into an isolated circuit (shorted or open) and traces the direction to the problem. • The receiver allows users to see the distance from the wire being traced and the direction to the short. • The auto-signal locking feature eases first-time use and eliminates the need to remove interior trims and carpets. • The integrated flashlight will illuminate the workspace and the automatic 10-minute shut off helps users save battery life.
  • LED light on receiver illuminates the work space area
  • Signal distance bar indicates distance height from short to ground or open circuits
  • New ergonomic housing
  • Longer 10-minute Auto shut off time

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