POSTURE PUMP Relief for Neck and Back Pain - Deluxe Full Spine Model 4100-S (Single Air Cell Cervical) DISC HYDRATOR

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POSTURE PUMP neck & back DISC HYDRATORS gently decompress, shape, and hydrate the discs in your neck & back. When the neck & back lose their natural curved shape, the soft discs that are in between the vertebrae become compressed, & rich lubricating fluid is unable to penetrate & hydrate the discs. This causes premature aging in the form of stiff, dry joints. POSTURE PUMP counteracts that by lifting, stretching, decompressing, hydrating, & shaping the neck & back into its “vital” natural curved shape.

POSTURE PUMP Deluxe Full Spine DISC HYDRATOR (Model 4100-S)

*NOW FSA/HSA ELIGIBLE!* Relieve both neck and back pain/stiffness with the POSTURE PUMP Deluxe Full Spine DISC HYDRATOR (Model 4100-S), which combines both neck and back POSTURE PUMP DISC HYDRATORS conveniently in one device! Use it for just minutes a day to experience real results as well as increase flexibility & range of motion.

(Model 4100-S) DISC HYDRATOR is portable, easy-to-use, & folds and locks together for easy travel.

Corrective Benefits

Single EED air cell* decompresses and hydrates cervical discs, while shaping & restoring the cervical (neck) curve at moderate pressure levels for comfortable, corrective deep relief. Simultaneously, two opposing air cells in the lower back unit get to the cause of pain and stiffness, fast!

*Expanding Ellipsoidal Decompression (EED) Patented by POSTURE PUMP

Durable, Portable Design

POSTURE PUMP is hand crafted from high-quality, durable materials & is built to last. Each POSTURE PUMP product is made in the USA with exceptional attention to detail.

Expansion & contraction of the air cells creates alternating hydration of spinal discs/joints. When air cells are left inflated for longer periods of time (15-20 min.), postural restoration occurs.


Consult your healthcare professional before beginning any exercise program. POSTURE PUMP products are not designed to diagnose or cure disease. Read & follow all cautions & instructions prior to beginning. Specific joint, nerve, disc, vascular & other disorders or weaknesses can be aggravated & worsened.

You should NOT use POSTURE PUMP if you have:


Spinal instability

Spinal cord compression

Serious pathology, disease or malignancy

Implanted spinal hardware

Have had spinal surgery

Acute traumatic injury

Extruded disc fragments,

Inflammatory disease &/or infections, Spreading &/or aggravation of your symptoms.
  • *NOW FSA/HSA - ELIGIBLE!* Use POSTURE PUMP Relief For Neck and Back Pain - Deluxe Full Spine Model 4100-S (Single Air Cell Cervical) DISC HYDRATOR for just minutes a day, several times a week, to get deep, corrective relief!
  • Doctor Recommended POSTURE PUMP Relief For Neck and Back Pain - Deluxe Full Spine Model 4100-S (Single Air Cell Cervical) DISC HYDRATOR relieves painful neck & low back stiffness, headaches & fatigue. Additionally, the (Model 4100-S) works to improve flexibility & range of motion, while shaping the natural curves of the neck & back. Does not hyper-extend the neck!
  • This innovative technology, which combines both neck & back exercisers conveniently in one unit, employs Expanding Ellipsoidal Decompression (EED), invented & patented by POSTURE PUMP & used EXCLUSIVELY in Official POSTURE PUMP products. EED achieves high level joint separation by expansion of the elliptical air cells into the curves of the neck & back. Employs Expanding Ellipsoidal Decompression (EED) via POSTURE PUMP
  • Neck DISC HYDRATOR decompresses & hydrates discs, while shaping the proper postural curves at moderate pressure levels. At the same time, 2 opposing air cells in the lumbar/back DISC HYDRATOR get to the cause of lumbar pain & stiffness fast, making the (Model 4100-S) a MUST HAVE for sufferers of neck & back stiffness/discomfort! REMEMBER: IF IT DOESN'T SAY "POSTURE PUMP", IT'S NOT A POSTURE PUMP!
  • WHAT'S IN THE BAG? (1) POSTURE PUMP Relief For Neck and Back Pain - Deluxe Full Spine Model 4100-S (Single Air Cell Cervical) DISC HYDRATOR [No plastic wrapping – less waste and environmentally friendly!], (2) Printed Instructions, (3) Product Brochure. Comfort Pad is designed to stretch & fit ALL body types, while the new Comfort Visor gently molds to the shape of the forehead (no chin or jaw contact/NO CHIN STRAP REQUIRED).

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