Otostick - TWIN PACK - Instant Correction for Prominent Ears (ENGLISH VERSION )- - Best Alternative Short of Surgery -

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Otostick's story starts when Francisca Gamero, her creator, realizes that her daughter's ears begin to separate with only 4 months of age due to the bad postures taken at bedtime.
  • ✅ OTOSTICK IS A COSMETIC CORRECTOR - For Protruding Ears Made Of Silicone And Medical Adhesives; It Sticks To The Ear And The Adjacent Part Of The Head, Providing An Immediate Effect And A More Natural Appearance. Otostick Is A Product Created From A Need; To Correct In A Simple Way The Separation Of The Ears, Popularly Known As "protruding Ears".
  • ✅ EASE OF USE - It Is Easy To Use, Discreet, As It Is Made Of Transparent Silicone, And Comfortable. You Will Not Feel That You Are Wearing Them. As Long As, At The Time Of Placement, The Area Is Free Of Water, Moisture And Sweat, Otostick Will Resist Water, Sweat And Heat.
  • ✅ DURABLE- If Fitted Correctly, Otostick Ensures That The Duration Of The Corrector And The Position Of The Ear Are Optimal, Therefore It Is Important To Follow The Instructions Indicated In The Leaflet. Each corrector has an estimated duration between 3 and 7 days, but it must be taken into account that, like any corrective product, in certain cases it may have a short adaptation period, caused by the lack of practice.
  • ✅ APPLICATION - It Is Appropriate To Provide For At Least 4 Hours After Placing Otostick To Wet It Or Play Sports That Will Cause Sweating Of The Skin. One Of The Key Steps In The Placement Of Otostick, Is The Cleaning Of The Area With An Astringent Product, Removing Fatty Wastes Caused By Sweat And Moisture. There Should Be No Hairs Under The Corrector.
  • ✅ DISCRETE - You Can Use It Every Day Or For Those Special Occasions When, For Reasons Of The Kind Of Hairstyle, The Separation Of The Ears Is More Visible Than Usual. the Package Contains 8 Correctors. Recommended Use From 3 Years Of Age.

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