Otostick Baby, Aesthetic Correctors for Prominent Ears, Contains 8 Correctors and 1 Cap, 3+ Months

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Excessive corrector aesthetic of the separation of the ears.
  • Otostick Baby is a corrector for prominent ears, made of silicone and medical adhesives, which adheres to the ear and the adjacent part of the head, providing an immediate and natural effect
  • In addition to the permanent correcting effect, in infants and children between 3 months and 6 years old, it can be a preventative measure to stop the ears from taking an improper position
  • Product created out of necessity; easily correct prominent ears
  • Otostick baby resists water, sweat and heat As long as, at the time of placement, the area is free of water, moisture or sweat
  • Easy to use, discreet as it is made of transparent and comfortable silicone
  • In order to avoid wasting Otostick correctors, in the case of restless babies and children, it is advisable to apply them while the little ones sleep Otherwise, the corrector could be knocked, rendering it useless
  • One of the key steps in the placement of baby Otostick is cleaning the area with an astringent product, eliminating oily residue caused by sweat and moisture

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