Milwaukee 48-22-1901 Fastback Press and Flip Utility Knife with Belt Clip and Onboard Wire Stripping (Set of 4)

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This 4 pack of the 48-22-1901 Fastback quick-release utility knife from Milwaukee is the collection you can effectively use wherever you are, whenever you need it. Whether you’re in construction, work outdoors, or just need a tool for slicing rope or tape in your day-to-day life, this is for you. Its robust, all metal design will hold up to drops from a variety of heights, not that dropping it is likely. An ergonomic handle conforms to most hands, making grip easy. On top of that, when it’s not in use you can keep it stored snugly on your belt or pants with the bolted-on wire clip. This thin metal will clasp firmly to whatever thin fabrics are on your person without damaging them. Speaking of wires, there are a couple handy functions that this knife can perform thanks to some unique design features. For one, the back of the handle can act as a gut hook. When the knife is closed, you can loop string, twine, or wire through the knife to make quick cuts. When the knife is open, there is a notch near the base of the blade release system that allows you to strip up to 10 gauge wire. When doing electrical work, packing, moving, construction, renovation, or any other general contracting, having this handy blade from Milwaukee is a must.
  • ONE-HANDED OPENING: A button onboard the ergonomically designed handle allows you to flip the blade out with ease. When you’re finished with the blade, press and hold the button, swing the blade into a closed position, and keep in your pocket
  • ONBOARD WIRE STRIPPING: A hook in the back of the unit can strip up to 10 gauge wire. You don’t even need to have the knife flipped out to get important work finished
  • TOOL-FREE BLADE CHANGING: Press a button near the blade, and you can slide it out for easy replacements
  • WIRE FRAME BELT CLIP: Use this to attach to your belt, pants, or bags without damaging the knife or your own fabrics
  • ALL-METAL CONSTRUCTION: This knife’s robust design can hold up to extreme wear and tear you would expect to handle on the job site

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