Melatonin MZS Sleep Disorder & Reversal of Macular Degeneration 120 Count (2 Pack Set) (2 Pack - 120 Capusles)

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Melatonin Zn Se is a supplement that has ingredients that mimic the action of melatonin allowing a person to feel alert and refreshed. In the body, the circadian rhythm, also referred to as the sleep wake cycle, is regulated by a substance known as melatonin that is produced by the pineal gland at night. However, as age catches up, the amount of melatonin released by the pineal gland reduces thereby resulting in older people having less sleep or low quality of sleep.
  • Reversal of Age-related Macular Degeneration
  • Improvements to Syndrome X and deeper sleep patterns
  • Normalization of circadian rhythms and Alleviation of menopause symptoms
  • Easier adaptability to shift / night work and travel by removal of jet-lag
  • 60 day supply will aid in preventing relieving or reducing the severity of ARMD

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