Julius Meinl: "Jubilaum Blend," Genuine Viennese Medium Roast Coffee Beans, 500g / 17.6oz

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Julius Meinl is proud to be THE ambassador of Viennese coffeehouse culture (UNESCO World Cultural Heritage) since 1862.As the first professional roaster in Europe and through constant innovation, Julius Meinl has built a unique and highly successful coffee culture based on Viennese tradition, standing for expertise, tradition, and premium quality products.STATE OF THE ART PACKAGING
  • Jubiläum blend - medium-light roast, this premium coffee is a genuine Viennese blend from the best highland coffees of the world. Central American coffees are blended with coffees from Papua New Guinea to give Jubilee its fine acidity and full-bodied aromatic taste.
  • 500g bag (17.6oz). BEAN TYPE: Arabica, Robusta. AROMA: Rich citrus & floral nuances, full taste. FLAVOR: Soft & sweet, fine & rich acidity that leaves a fresh aftertaste. CREMA: Slim & compact, light-colored. ROAST LEVEL: 2 out of 5. Produced in Julius Meinl's plant in Italy.
  • "Jubiläum" (in Austrian) or "Jubilee" means a special anniversary. This blend was created to celebrate the 100th birthday anniversary of Julius Meinl Coffee in 1962.
  • LEADING COMPANY: Julius Meinl is THE ambassador of UNESCO coffeehouse culture since 1862 (160 years) as the first roaster and constant innovation. Serves 70 countries and 40,000 customers daily. SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE: Fair Trade, Kosher Certified, 4 C Association, Rainforest Alliance.
  • DIRECTIONS: Smooth and low in acidity & may be used for espresso (15g for double shot) or filter coffee and enjoyed throughout the day. Once opened, store in an air sealed container to retain the flavor.

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