ITAC2 Extra Strength Pole Dance Grip (Level 4) (7.05OZ 200gm)

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iTAC2 EXTRA strenth (fromerly known as iTAC2 Level 4) adds moisture and stick to your skin providing a strong, reliable gripping surface for hands and body helping you imrpove control while conserving energy and repelling sweat and moisture. As with all grip agents much comes down to personal preference, skin type (bodies are all different so what works well for some may not work for others), climate conditions (humid, cold etc) and even the type of pole being used. If you need less grip than EXTRA strength try iTAC2 REGULAR strength ( see our other listings). Dew Point Pole grip and Dirty Girl Poletice are often used in tandem with grip agents to enhance grip. It really is a case of trying them out to see which one or combination works best for you.
  • Extra strength version of iTAC2 giving more grip
  • Ideal when trying new moves, tricks or in high-sweat conditions
  • Repells sweat and moisture
  • Doesn't leave white residue
  • Hypoallergenic, made from organic beeswax

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