Insta360 ONE RS Twin Edition – Waterproof 4K 60fps Action Camera & 5.7K 360 Camera with Interchangeable Lenses, Stabilization, 48MP Photo, Active HDR, AI Editing

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Product Description

4K 60fps Video

Get incredibly detailed 4K 60fps action videos with the new 48MP image sensor on the 4K Boost Lens.

Invisible Selfie Stick

Capture third-person views of yourself without the help of a friend or cameraman. Magic!

Horizon Lock

Perfectly level shots, no matter how much you tilt your cam. Both lenses support 360° horizon leveling.

Active HDR

Active HDR on the 4K Boost Lens keeps your video stabilized as you move, revealing details in the highlights and shadows that other action cameras miss.

Rugged & Waterproof

No matter which lens is installed, ONE RS is tough, rugged and waterproof to 16 feet (5m).

Insta360 ONE RS is waterproof to 5 meters when assembled (all components are locked together and secured in the Mounting Bracket). Use the Dive Case to protect your camera in deep or rough water conditions (e.g. surfing), and to enable 360-degree image stitching. Consult the manual for full waterproofing precautions.

Instant Zoom

Digitally zoom in up to 2.7x on a subject while you record—no need to set up your shot in advance.

Crisp Audio

An additional mic helps capture the audio you do want, while a Wind Noise Reduction algorithm removes the noise you don't.

Insta360 App

Editing epic shots is easier than ever with the Insta360 app’s powerful editing suite, packed with AI-powered features.


360-degree + 4K action camera lenses (Best value)

4K action camera lens with upgradable design

360 Video Resolution



Wide-Angle Video Resolution



Wide-Angle Photo Resolution



FlowState Stabilization + 360 Horizon Lock

Active HDR

Widescreen Mode



Invisible Selfie Stick Effect


Instant Zoom

Quick Release Mounting Bracket

  • 4K Boost Lens & 5.7K 360 Lens: Get two cameras in one with Insta360 ONE RS. Swap between the new 4K Boost Lens for stunningly detailed wide-angle videos and the 360 Lens for endless creative possibilities.
  • FlowState Stabilization: Buttery smooth image stabilization, no matter what lens you use. The powerful RS Core now delivers FlowState stabilization in camera when paired with the wide-angle lenses. No editing needed.
  • 48MP Photos, 6K Widescreen Video & Active HDR Video: Thanks to a new sensor, capture crisp 48MP photos, ultra-detailed 6K widescreen videos and vibrant HDR action videos.
  • Invisible Selfie Stick: Don't ruin the view with an ugly selfie stick! The 360 Lens makes the Invisible Selfie Stick totally disappear from your shots for impossible drone-like footage and third-person perspectives.
  • In the Box: 1x 4K Boost Lens, 1x 360 Lens, 1x ONE RS Core, 1x ONE RS Battery Base, 1x Lens Cap for 360 Lens and 1x ONE RS Mounting Bracket.

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