Heater Pitching Machine Baseballs by The Dozen

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The Heater Sports Yellow Dimpled Baseballs provide you with the maximum accuracy and performance available when used with your Heater Sports Real Baseball Pitching Machines. These balls are the same size and weight of regulation leather balls. When hit, these baseballs feel like hitting a regular baseball, without having bat-shock and won't damage your aluminum bat. These are very high quality baseballs and as you can see from the reviews, have been sold for a long time and hold true to their quality. Boasting a very affordable price point, you won't be disappointed in the quality, construction, and durability of the Heater Sports Yellow Dimpled Baseballs By The Dozen.
  • 1 DOZEN BASEBALLS - This Listing Is For 1 Dozen Yellow Dimpled Baseball By Heater Sports For Use In Real Ball Pitching Machines.
  • SAFE FOR ALUMINUM BATS - Heater Yellow Dimpled Baseballs Won't Dent Aluminum Bats | Thousands Sold & Always Reliable.
  • EXTREMELY ACCURATE - Heater Dimpled Balls Are Designed With Accuracy In Mind, When Used In Pitching Machines, These Are Within 6" Of The Desired Pitch Location.
  • POLYURETHANE MATERIAL - Made From High Grade Polyurethane, These Baseballs Are Perfectly Constructed At The Factory To Be Safe For Bat Use While Mimicking The Feel Of Hitting A Genuine Baseball.
  • OPTIC YELLOW IN COLOR - Train Your Hand/Eye Coordination To Pick Up The Pitch Location With This Optic Yellow Color, Perfect For Locating Ball.

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