H&N Hunting Sampler, 6 Different Pellets .177 Caliber / Assorted Grains (215 Count)

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177 Cal pellet sampler: 35 H&N crow Magnum pellets 30 H&N silver point pellets 35 H&N barracuda power (copper-coated) pellets 35 H&N barracuda Hunter pellets 40 H&N field target trophy pellets 40 H&N field target trophy green (lead-free) pellets approx. 215 pellets crow Magnum pellets are meant for medium ranges and have a flat trajectory. Silver point pellets are for medium ranges and offer higher impact and penetration. Barracuda power pellets are exceptionally accurate and ideal for long-range hunting and shooting. Barracuda Hunter pellets also have exceptional accuracy and are hollow point. They'll perform well for hunting. Field target trophy pellets have a flat trajectory, are useful for medium ranges and offer superior accuracy. Field target trophy green pellets are lead-free and will deliver higher velocities due to their light weight. H&n recommends these pellets for guns that deliver at least 12 ft-lbs. Of muzzle energy to get best performance.
  • 100% other
  • Imported
  • Excellent for hunting
  • Content: 215 air gun pellets
  • Pellet Caliber/Weight: .177 / 8.64 - 11.57 Grains
  • For air pistols / rifles with a minimum muzzle energy of 12 ft.lbs

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