For The Biome Gut-Lung Therapy | Prebiotic, Probiotic, Postbiotic, Formula for All in One Gut Health

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Paul Schulick, Founder and Formulator of For The Biome, unveils his next generation of formulations designed to support mind, body and microbiome. Guided by 40+ years of formulation expertise, Paul has searched the world to select the finest form of each herb while uncovering their most powerful synergies. Gut-Lung Therapy is a testament to Paul's continued innovation and research.


Your gut microbiome is essential for digestive, respiratory, and immune health. This advanced formula is designed to help support all three. Gut-Lung Therapy begins with a fermented blend of organic sprouted flax, moringa, amla, aloe, and chaga that helps support your gut microbiome and delivers unique immune-balancing postbiotics for a stronger immune response. A unique strain of Lactobacillus plantarum is then added to help support gut, lung, and immune health.

The Benefits

Supports Your Immune Response

70% of your immune cells are in your gut. Support them and beneficial bacteria with key nutrients needed to encourage a healthier immune response.

Promotes A Healthy Gut Microbiome

Our advanced formula nourishes your gut microbiome and improves microbial diversity with prebiotics, and provides immune and health beneficial postbiotics, para-probiotics, and antioxidants called polyphenols.

Supports The Gut-Lung Connection

Your gut and lung health impact each other. Fortify both with a formula that features a live probiotic that uniquely supports this interconnected system.

Trains Your Immune Repsonse

Just like a muscle, your immune system can be trained and strengthened to work smarter. Gut-Lung Therapy helps do just that.
  • GUT HEALTH IS KEY. Your gut microbiome is essential for digestive, respiratory, and immune health. This advanced formula is designed to support all three for whole-body wellbeing.
  • PREBIOTICS + POSTBIOTICS. Nutrient-dense sprouted flax, amla, moringa, aloe, and chaga mushroom are fermented with L. rhamnonsus GG and B. breve BR03 to deliver a rich source of prebiotics and immune-supporting postbiotics and para-probiotics.
  • LIVE PROBIOTIC SUPER-STRAIN. Our Lactobacillus plantarum DR7 is an elite live probiotic clinically proven to promote microbiome diversity for gut health, respiratory health, and strengthen the immune response.
  • DAILY SUPPORT. Take 1 capsule daily for best results or open capsule and add its contents to a smoothie or your favorite beverage.

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