Fill-Rite 3/4" Fuel Transfer Hoses

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Value-priced, high quality tools - leading the market by ensuring that products are rugged, reliable and reasonably priced.
  • EFFICIENT FUEL TRANSFER: Provide fast and consistent transfer of fuel from your pump to your vehicle; Dimensions (diameter x L): 0.75 x 240 inches
  • DURABLE MATERIALS: Long-lasting design crafted from fuel-resistant neoprene exterior with a durable nitrile inner tube
  • NO KINKING: Kink-resistant internal spring guard prevents the hose from tangling and cutting off the supply
  • SPARK-FREE: Built-in stainless steel ground wire prevents sparks and other safety hazards
  • WORKS WITH MOST FUEL TYPES: Compatible with gasoline, diesel, biodiesel up to B20, ethanol up to E15, kerosene, and mineral spirits

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