Febreze Car Vent Clips Air Freshener and Odor Eliminator, Gain Island Fresh - 2 Pieces

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Take your nose on a tropical vacation with the irresistible, fruity freshness of lush island flowers, orange zest, and a woodsy wink that’s oh-so Gain. Febreze CAR Vent Clips sends odors packing and adds a welcome note of freshness to your vehicle. These new car air fresheners eliminate odors and replace them with a refreshing scent. In just a short time, you and your passengers can all breathe happy. The virtually mess-free Febreze CAR Vent Clips continuously releases freshness over the product's life and features an intensity control to give you just the right amount of scent.
  • Febreze Car Vent Clips attach easily and act instantly
  • Eliminate stubborn vehicle odors and slowly release a refreshing scent for up to 30 days
  • Select your level of intensity to control how much scent is released
  • Long-lasting and mess-free
  • Eliminates tough odors so theyre gone for good

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