EARTH SCIENCE - A-D-E Creamy Fruit Oil Face Cleanser For Dry, Normal, or Sensitive Skin (8 fl. oz.)

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Created By Nature, Perfected by Science

Earth Science is dedicated to providing gentle, clean and effective skin, body and hair care solutions created with plant-powered ingredients from ethical sources for sustainability and wellness, naturally.

Hydrating Skin Care Heroes to Combat Dry Skin

Products designed to care for dry and sensitive skin. Naturally gentle, emollient-rich formulas with fruit oils and soothing plant-extracts pamper your skin. Skin-restoring ingredients and refreshers revive the skin’s appearance, leading to a confident, younger-looking glow. Ideal for dry and sensitive skin types to promote a radiant complexion.

ph Balanced

Plant-Based Ingredients

Hyaluronic Acid for Moisture

Skin-Softening Formula

Revitalizes and Protects

Hydrates and Nourishes

  • CREAMY FACE CLEANSER: You can't live without this fruit blended face cleanser cream with skin softeners & fresh hydration. Made with natural fruit oils and hyaluronic acid for moisturizing and cleansing effects.
  • HYDRATING CREAM CLEANSER: Balance the rich, creamy cleansing wash with the fruity juice scents of apricot and grapefruit. Made with avocado oil, aqua, and many other rich ingredients intended for dry, normal, and sensitive skin types.
  • NOT YOUR ORDINARY FACE WASH: The secret is out on this gentle cream cleanser that not only keeps your skin clear and clean but is also an excellent oil-based makeup remover. Another serum or gel can leave your skin oily and greasy, but not this one!
  • BOOST YOUR DAILY ROUTINE: This product is a great addition to your skin routine. It will work well with other serums, eye cream, face mask, exfoliating wash, foaming acne cleansers, blackhead strips, healing wipes, or whatever else for a clean face!
  • PAIR WITH OTHER ITEMS: Earth Science has all your hair, skin, and body needs for men and women! Choose between body lotion, face wash, a sunscreen-moisturizer, shampoo, different organic products, and many more!

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