Braun Series Electric Shaver Head Replacement

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Within 18 months, an electric razor braun shaves an average of 6,000,000 hairs. This leads to gradual wear of the cutting edges, which can result in a less comfortable shave. Therefore braun recommends replacing the foil and knife block of the men's electric shaver every 18 months to keep performance at peak performance. Take care of your electric beard razor and it will take care of you.

Set Contains:

Braun Series 7 73S Electric Shaver Head Replacement - Silver
  • Compatible with: 7020, 7027, 7071, 7075 and 7085
  • With this shaver head’s 360 adaptation, for easy shaving even in tricky areas
  • Compatible with: 6072cc, 6090cc, 6020s, 6040cs, 6075cc, 5018s, 5049cs, 5035s, 5020s, 5050cs

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