BEER NUTS Original Peanuts - 4oz Single Serve Bags (Pack of 6), Sweet and Salty, Gluten-Free, Kosher, Low Sodium Peanut Snacks

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Original Peanuts - Like every superhero duo, BEER NUTS Original Peanuts and your favorite brew are an unstoppable team. Our sweet and salty secret recipe. A glass of cold suds. Kick, bang, pow!
  • DELICIOUS FLAVORS – The BEER NUTS Original Peanuts features a sweet and salty flavor from the same unique formula that was produced in 1937, using only 4 simple ingredients
  • TRY THEM ALL - BEER NUTS offers Original Peanuts, Original Bar Mix, Hot Bar Mix, Almonds and Cashews in a 1oz and 2oz single serve format.
  • RESEALABLE CONTAINER – The BEER NUTS Pack comes in individual, single serve bags so you can buy in bulk and snack whenever you want while keeping your BEER NUTS fresh and crunchy.
  • TASTY SNACKS – Our blend of delicious flavors makes this the perfect party snack mix. BEER NUTS Original Peanuts is a combination of salty and crunchy that is sure to satisfy your taste buds.
  • FAMILY OWNED – Since 1937, BEER NUTS has been producing quality peanuts, snacks, and party mixes. Compare BEER NUTS Peanuts to Planters, Fisher, Blue Diamond, Virginia Diner, Hubs, Hampton Farms, Hoodys, Whitleys.

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