Aramith Glow in the Dark (Black Light) Billiard/Pool Table Kit with Complete 16 Ball Set

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Whether you want to attract new customers to your pool room or simply want to have some real fun at home, then the Aramith fluorescent table conversion kits are what you need. Installable in just a couple of steps, these kits will retrofit any type or any size of table in a black light responsive table that will add magic to your game. Each kit includes everything you need : A complete Aramith fluo phenolic ball set. Reflective cushion tube with metallic springs.Cue rings plus break spots.Rail signs stickers
  • Included Accessories Complete set of Aramith fluorescent phenolic balls (16)
  • a reflective cushion tube with metallic springs
  • cue rings plus break spots and rail signs stickers
  • Black light not included

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