Adventure Medical Kits Trail Dog First Aid Medical Kit

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Adventure Medical Kits' Trail Dog First Aid Kit gives you comprehensive medical solutions for your trail buddy. It is catered to the types of injuries dogs encounter most on the trail, such as wounds, sprains and bug bites. This first aid kit includes an assortment of dressings, bandages, antiseptic, and allergy medicine. Tools like the splinter picker/tick removers help to remove ticks, thorns, or those pesky fox tails along your travels. Take comfort in knowing that man's best friend is protected during any of your adventures with this Trail Dog Medical Kit. Take this emergency kit with you on your adventure, so medical supplies are always close at hand.
  • Keep you and your four-legged hiking buddy safe on any adventures with this portable medical kit
  • Store this compact 1.47-pound kit in your car, campsite, or wherever you and your pet may travel
  • Easily wrap injuries with a self-adhering bandage that won't stick to fur
  • Consult the pet first aid manual and confidently administer first aid to your dog
  • Includes sterile bandage materials, common medications, waterproof DryFlex bags, and essential tools

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