We provide a brick-and-mortar level of customer experience to online shoppers.


We are turning Zoplenti into the benchmark for what great brands look for in their retail partners.


We are showing the world that online retail can be a winning proposition for everyone involved: us, our partners, and our customers.

Our Core Values

We Are Focused On Execution

Words are cheap; great customer and partner experiences come from careful planning, passionate follow-through, and accountability at every level.

We Do 1% Better Every Day

Real improvement is done through constant feedback and open-minded adjustments, every day. That’s how we set the standard for online retail.

We Are Committed To Transparency

Guessing games have no place in business. That’s why our policy is to keep things open and supportive for our team members, partners, and customers.

We Stay Meticulously Organized

Messes don’t make anyone happy. We avoid them by staying in control of every part of our operation with careful scheduling, planning, and follow-ups.

We Pay It Forward

Small gestures are what make the world a place worth living in. We believe in them, from holding the door to passing smiles to contributing to worthy causes.

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