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Our main job is to get your products in the hands of more customers. And to do that, we deploy cutting edge marketing techniques and technology. There are three steps to skyrocketing your sales, based on our experience and data.

Improving Traffic

Improving Traffic

New products enter the marketplace every day. In order to generate sales, your listings need to be seen by potential customers. 70% of shoppers never go further than the first page, so if your product doesn’t rank, it won’t sell.

We have the marketplace know-how to pull that off.

“64% Of Clicks Is For The
First 3 Ranked Products”

  • • We optimize search rankings using well-researched keywords to push your product to the first page.
  • • We build data-driven advertising campaigns to increase brand awareness and direct sales.

Improving Conversions

Getting traffic is not enough, we still need to convert prospects to customers. And since the conversion of a listing is one of the factors considered by the ranking algorithm.

Our listings are crafted to convince consumers to pull the trigger.

“+175% Conversions
With Optimized Listings”

  • • We optimize the product listings with smart persuasive copy meant to increase conversions to sales.
  • • We produce beautiful, professional product photography to make the brand stand out from the competition.
Improving Conversions
Improving Retention

Improving Retention

It’s well known that the key to brand success is repeat customers. That’s why once someone is a customer, we want them to be a customer for life.

We protect your brand by providing the best customer experience.

“25-40% Of Revenue
Is From Repeat Purchases”

  • • We leverage geographically distributed warehouses so all deliveries are within two days and Amazon Prime eligible.
  • • We respond to inquiries and complaints quickly and turn it into a positive brand interaction.
  • • We are an approved seller for Amazon’s Subscribe & Save program, and we leverage it aggressively to retain customers for our replenishable products brands.

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